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Hello there! I’m Danny Culpepper. Are you tired of boy-meets-boy fluff? Have you had enough of schmaltzy romances? Are you ready for a humorous love story that sends a positive message about the joys of falling in love--with the wrong person? Then you’ve come to the right place. This website is devoted to promoting Straight Man Gay and the newly-published sequel, Straight Man Gay Two.


This story is not a formula romance. It’s not a jockstrap ripper. It’s not 250 pages of the same lame bubblegum plot you’d find in a Lifetime-channel movie. Straight Man Gay and Straight Man Gay Two is a modern-day love story with a believable plot and strong characters. It will hold your attention, entertain you for hours, and when you get to the last page, you’ll be sorry it’s over.


Spend a little time checking out the books and checking out the Straight Man Gay website. We emphasize tolerance toward and acceptance of anyone who is diverse and unique. Our goal is to create an open-minded atmosphere without hostility or prejudice. About The Site will provide more information on our mission. You're welcome to read About Me and Contact Me with any questions you have about the site or the books. Don’t forget to sign up on our Mailing List!


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GaySay Blogger

GaySay Blogger


I host a web log called GaySay Blogger as a companion to this website. While I may touch on items that are in the news, this is not a hardcore blog and it will not become a political venting ground. At times, the posts may not even be geared toward the gay community because I believe in posting on diverse subjects. I post an entry to GaySay Blogger about once a month, or whenever I feel like it.

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Promoting Pride and Dignity Through Positive Words

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