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I’m so excited to get reviews and comments!


These postings are not my first reviews. I have had dozens of positive reviews but they have all been from friends and family members (and I know those don’t count) so I’m very thankful to the below-listed reviewers for posting a review, even the negative ones (although I like the positive ones better!). I know it’s time consuming to do and I appreciate it. For those who haven’t yet read the books, read what others have to say about them below. The reviews and comments have not been edited for grammar but small spoilers were omitted.


Come on! Get the books! I think you’ll love them!

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Amazon UK review: a 'must read', hilarious and happy!, Dec 11, 2011


Maisie "obsessive reader" (UK)

Absolutely loved this book. Great characters, both funny and, slightly scarily, believable! Dont want to spoil it by giving away the plot, but expect to be entertained greatly, it's laugh out loud funny but also has it's emotional moments. Not your run of the mill romance, much better than that, and definitely not a written version of a chick flick, way too many entertaining characters.

Amazon UK review: Really loved this book but..., 10 Jan 2012


Apple Toothpaste "Apple Toothpaste" (Birmingham, UK)

I really really enjoyed this book, I read it all in one day. The only problems I have is that the book was obviously written by an American, but was set in the UK. That's fine, but for me it made it slightly difficult to read, I don't believe someone in England would describe something as a condo, or describe something as being "three blocks away". Also, I could be very wrong, but I'm sure there are some issues with the English legal system here, I don't want to give too much away so spoiler alert, but I'm sure that... (click Apple Toothpaste’s name above to read the tiny spoiler). And I know it's stupidly picky, but I noticed one grammar mistake "you're" instead of "your" which I felt was slightly sad and took away from what is a great book and a brilliant story.

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Website-Submitted Review, Jan 31, 2012



Bought this book because of the whimsical cover and enjoyed every minute of it. Found myself smiling and laughing in the coffee shop. And then I cried, too. I didn’t want it to end and I can’t wait for more. I want to tell everyone about it without giving anything away.

Website-Submitted Review, Feb 8, 2012



Please tell me that there’s a Brian out there waiting for me! Loved it, loved it, loved it. My favorite scenes: country ride and first night. Sorry if that was a spoiler.

Website-Submitted Praise, Feb 15, 2012


M. Smith (Australia)

Thank you so much for a joyous read...I look forward to reading more from you. Many many thanks


M. Smith also sent an email on Feb 16, 2012 that included the following:

Due to circumstance, I read on average 2-3 ebooks per day and sincerely they tend to blur and become formula after a while so again it was refreshing and surprising to read your work:)

Amazon review: Charming romp, March 10, 2012


C Green

This is a British comedy. A handsome gay American actor, John, is working in a British TV series. He has an out of work actor/model boyfriend he is trying to dump, a fabulous cast of flaming to semi flaming gay friends, and an over the top manager. The manager introduces him to one of his financial backers, straight, Scottish millionaire Brian. (Click C Green’s name above to read the spoiler).

Meanwhile an ex-trophy wife is looking for another wealthy trophy and has her eyes on Brian. The book oddly starts from her point of view. She is not a funny or likable character while all the other characters are. Fortunately the book quickly switches to other points of view between the more likable characters. She has limited screen time after that, except for as a villaness who... (Click C Green’s name above to read the spoiler).

Some scenes in this story are hilarious. The characters are well drawn and interesting. You end up liking the characters and wanting them all to be happy. There is some tension as John falls for Brian and recognizes he is being an idiot falling for a straight guy. John is oblivious, but does... (Click C Green’s name above to read the spoiler). Brian's confusion and attraction are sweet and charmingly described.

Website-Submitted Praise, Jul 6, 2012


Celine (Germany)

Hello Danny,

I usually never write authors (and believe me, I read a lot of books!) but this time I just couldn't stop myself! I just finished your book and it is soo amazing, so extremely well written (the way you phrase things, the vocabulary that you use, how perfectly well you use the English language!, the excellent dialogues-I love funny and interesting dialogues), it's so intense, so much fun and one just falls in love with the characters. Everything John does and says I can relate to, it's really how life happens sometimes, and just have to love Brian! Thank you for a wonderful book, for many great hours of reading! I just can't wait to read the next one (when will it be out?)! I love all of the characters, (Prissy is the cutest!;) ) Thank you for giving your readers an absolute wonderful time! Hope to read many many more books from you! Please write at least seven books about John and Brian!;)  Many greetings from Germany! Celine

Website-Submitted Praise, Sep 6, 2012



Dear Danny Culpepper,

I was enthralled by this novel...couldn't put it down and yet parcelled it out to savour and slow it's ending. The character are memorable and endearing. The dialogue is ear-perfect. And the plot is riveting. I really liked how the first person narrative alternated making a richer tapestry.

When can we expect another novel? Will you use Smashwords again?

...a fan

Amazon review: Fantastic Read, Oct 20, 2012


D. C. Kirkpatrick

Straight Man Gay is a fun romp through the lives of John, Jeff, Ben, Martin, Micky, David, and of course ... Prissy.

Amazon review: A little goes a long way, Oct 18, 2012


Rob Stauffer

I suppose the moral of this story is: Always take the author's opinion of his/her work with a massive dose of salt.

The good news about this book is that the author really does seem to be a talented story teller. Unfortunately, the main characters aren't likable enough to sustain interest throughout the duration of the book.

The story pivots on two men. John is a narcissistic actor who is stuck in a relationship with a jealous, vindictive, alcoholic. He feels that he can't dump the drunk without damaging his public image. This argument lacks credibility though, because the author has given the character of David, the boyfriend, absolutely no redeeming qualities. As written, David's character is so publicly obnoxious that the idea that the tabloids would ever side with this guy is insane. The papparazzi would have chewed this bitch up and spit him out long ago.

Brian, the other main character is a straight, people hating Scot with Trump-like wealth and almost as personable. One gets the impression that John falls for Brian's tactile clothing more than anything. Brian remains rather two dimensional because the author spends too much time inventorying his possessions, and not enough time getting to know his character. He comes across like a character out of "Dynasty". You can tell he's Scottish because when he speaks, his begins his sentences with, "Aye"...

The supporting characters, while never developed fully, are at least quite eccentric, and often fun.

The author seems rather proud of the book's length. However, the story would have been improved by some heavy-handed editing. Far too much of the book is taken up with John's repetitive angst over his boyfriend and Brian's internal struggles not to despise every one around him. Bigger isn't always better.

Overall, a novel that could have been a fun romp, ends up being tedious.

We start with reviews and comments about the first book:

Email Comment, Jan 8, 2013




I enjoyed both books however the ending of the second book was kind of weird are you going to write another book about Brian and John and the crazy friends I'm love the books the are so funny


Tonya also sent an email on Jan 9, 2012 that included the following:

Thank you for writing me back I hope you do write another book I love these guys and I hope they get a happy ending all of them

And now some reviews and comments about the

first and second books.

Barnes & Noble review: Terrible, Oct 14, 2012



I deleted this book after 92 pages in. The charecters are completely unrealistic and un-relatable. I found myself hating them and not caring if they ever got together. The naration style is done almost exclusivly through inner monologue, which normaly would be fine if it didn't come across as tedious and annoying at times. Way too much drama with no sign of it ever ending. Buyer beware...

Website-submitted Praise, Jan 7, 2013



I've just finished your two novels and definitely believe there should be a third. I write gay romance under the pen name [*] and your books blew me away.


*omitted because this contributor has not yet given me permission to post her pen name

Smashwords Review: Jan 22, 2013


Priscilla Rodriguez

I loved this book and it's sequel, "Straight Man Gay Two"! They are great reads and have well developed characters. Please read these books. I truly hope the author writes a third book. I just can't get enough of Brian, John and the Nincompoops!


Priscilla also sent an email on Jan 22, 2012 that included the following:

Hello Danny,

I have just finished reading both of your Straight Man Gay books - I absolutely LOVED them!!!! Please, please, PLEASE tell me that you are writing the third book! I can't be left like this without knowing what happens to both John and Brian. I love the poops too - especially Prissy! (I wish I had my own Prissy.) Please, please I need to know. I actually yelled out "NOOOOOOO!" when I came to the end of the second book just 5 minutes ago!

I love your writing style and I can't tell you how much you've made me laugh with the poops' schenanigans. I've needed those laughs very much. Your books have become 2 of my favorite books I'm sure I will be reading over again. Thank you very much for writing this great love story.

You've got another fan.

Smashwords Review (no rating): Feb 11, 2013


Andrea Harris

I found two to be equally as enjoyable as the original. It was surprisingly hilarious. A great read.

Website-Submitted Praise: Feb 16, 2013


Willis B.

Dear Danny c.

I have read thousaunds of romances over the years (straight and gay, tame, steamy, erotica) and honestly I have never read a love story as unique, funny, and touching as yours. When I finished the first book I couldn’t wait to begin the next one. Hoping for another, please? The price had me concerned, more than what I usually pay. Now I would gladly pay three times over for your work and I must give more expensivly priced ebooks a serious look, the quality shows. I’m off now to read the books again and probably again.Thank you--please give us more soon.

Website-Submitted Comment: Apr 11, 2013



Dear Danny,

I am very much looking forward to Straight Man Gay 3.

Your first two books in the series were so delightful to read. I've come to care about your characters and am not at all ready to say goodbye to them. Although their lives are complicated and often painful your perspective offers a realistic description of resiliency at its best. What does john's recovery look like? What hilarity awaits this wonderful couple? I am still giggling from the massage oil scene!!! I offer you whatever encouragement you need to continue the series.

Love, mollie

Goodreads Reviews

Email Comment: May 11, 2013



I'm very excited and I would love to see another John and Brian story. The first book hooked me and I really would love to read more.

Amazon UK review: Thoroughly enjoyable!, July 14, 2013



I love this book, its warm, joyful, sad and hilariously funny. Its very romantic without being sickly, the charactors are very likable and engaging and i will definately buy part two to see what they're up to next!

(Okay, folks. I’m going to admit, these next reviews hurt when I read them and it hurts to post them, but here they are. I certainly don’t view my characters, my story, or the length of my book the way the below reviewers do and I think the majority of my readers don’t either. It’s very humbling to have people dislike your work so strongly.)

Amazon UK review: As good as the first book, a great read!, July 14, 2013



Another brilliant episode in the lives of these slightly crazy characters, love them and want to continue being a part of their lives so i hope there will be a part three soon.

Website-submitted Praise: November 1, 2013


Kika (Cyprus)

Dear Danny,

I just finished both your books in two days. I couldnt put them down.

I just wanted to congratulate you and let you know that i enjoyed them very much. All your characters are amazing and i hope you continue on with a third book because i will miss them very much. the second book left me in tears and i do so want to see what happened after.

Brian and John are the perfect couple as far as i am concerned. Two peoble that love eachother despide all their differenses and accept eachothers world.

But i have to admit that my absolute favourite one is Prissy. I wish i had him as a friend ;)

Thank you for sharing your stories with us and i cant wait for your next book.

All Romance Ebooks Rating for SMG: November 27, 2013

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(Sensuality Rating)

All Romance Ebooks Rating for SMG2: November 27, 2013

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(Sensuality Rating)

Amazon UK Review: Great read, January 5, 2014



Really enjoyed reading this book - love the different characters and the humour. Moving on to Straight Man Gay Two now! :-)

Email Comment: February 18, 2014



Okkk you just Killed ME!!!

Ok ok...A little bit of drama...but its kind of true I cant believe the second part finished like that and I don't even know if or when the second book comes out...Oh!!! Prissy I loooooove him he's just so fricking cute...please say the third book is almost here...;-)

Amazon Review: Hands down this is the BEST book of this genre I have ever read!, May 10, 2014


John Kennedy

Between only by Straight Man Gay 2. Brilliantly written, awesomely hilarious, fabulously feel-good. This book will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face all day. Please, please Danny Culpepper gift us Straight Man Gay 3 xxoo

Amazon Review: 4.5 A good read, February 25, 2015


Brenda L “Cower112”

This is unique. Truly a gay for you romance, where scent and personality are the keys to love. Was very surprised about the book, quite entertaining. The reason for the rating more details on the past of our heroes would have been gratefully appreciated

Amazon Review: Funny and a good read, February 25, 2015


Brenda L

Wonderful follow up. This book gives the reader a glimpse into the past of our characters and the view of other characters. Colourful and comedic. hated the ending, felt that I was left hanging. Am concerned that there won't be a third. Sigh. I want a third.

Email Comment: June 4, 2015



Hi. I just wanted to say I love SMG and SMG2 and I can't wait for SMG3.  I have close to 500 novels in my iBooks library and your books are on my top 15 all-time favorites. That is how much I love the story. I just cant get enough of Brian and John :)


If I may suggest, will you consider releasing a compiled edition of books 1-3? That will be awesome.


Your fan,


Website-submitted Praise: Dec 8, 2015



I was not looking for any thing when I came across your two Straight Man Gay novels, but I am very happy I did. I was hoping for a lovely gay male romance story, which you delivered completely. I could not put the books down, and laughed, and cried. I felt the pains and the triumphs. I hope you continue writing excellent books like this set.

I fell in love with the characters, that is the best I can ever hope to experience when I read a book. Brian is a strong man, as are the other characters. I was near despair at the end of the second book. Thank you for wonderful stories. I have never laughed so hard in reading a book. The patience Brian shows to the family members is beyond amazing. I have found that I am learning so much from the characters.


I look forward to reading your next works. Never before, except for the Harry Potter series and a more obscure one known as Sweep have I ever anxiously awaited the next book's publication.

You inspire, Danny. You truly do. Keep up the excellent work!


(The above quoted words were gleaned from two emails from “Kate.”)

Website-submitted Praise: Feb 4, 2016



I just wanna say that I have finished reading Straight Man Gay after purchasing it and I absolutely loved the story. It made me cry tears of joy. I fell in love with the characters, each and every one of them and now they each hold a place in my heart. I have already purchased Straight Man Gay 2 and in the process of reading it, suffice to say that it is blowing my mind. Where have you been all my life??? The world should have more authors like you, whose passion and creative energy comes through in your work. I was actually starting to feel so sad thinking that after I finish reading the second book, it will all be over and how much I will miss Brian and John but now I am overjoyed that you are writing the third book. I eagerly await your next book and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Website-submitted Praise: Mar 7, 2016



I loved both your books, and am looking forward to reading No. 3! Great storytelling!

Website-submitted Book Review: Mar 30 2016



Ever since reading and re reading the Tales Of The City books, there's been a book shaped hole in my heart. Straight Man Gay two and its predecessor are bright lights in an often too dim world of half baked gay novels. The characters jump out of the page with their believable and warm personalities and Danny does a first rate job of making you want to keep turning the pages. It's so refreshing to enjoy gay characters who are strong and empowered, whose lives are about more than just sex. I enjoyed reading these books more than I've enjoyed reading anything in a long time. My only disappointment was that there are no more. Here's hoping for a third instalment :)

Website-submitted Praise: Oct 23, 2016



Danny, just thought I would let you know that your books have gone straight up to my all time favourite list! Looking forward to smg3.

I love all your characters, so maybe for smg4 you could think about inttroducing a straight married with children middle aged wears a suit at work sort of woman and see what happens, I am sure I would have fun!

Thanks for two terrific books


Website-submitted Comment: Dec 10, 2016



At last we get to find out if John is ok! This book has a slightly different tone to the previous two, a bit more serious. All the same madcap characters are here and a few more are introduced for our enjoyment too. Sometimes perhaps a bit too far fetched in a Vicar of Dibly sort of way, but still a thoroughly enjoyable, happy romp through a wacky version of rural England....will there be a fourth book? I really hope so as this cannot be the end of this wonderful series!.....please?

And finally, here are reviews and comments about all three books in the series.

Website-submitted Praise: Dec 12, 2016



[SPOILER ALERT] I write gay romance and I can't say how I look forward to your books. The characters jump off the page and grab you. I hope you don't intend to leave us with Brian on the floor bleeding out or possibly getting tried for murder. I positively look forward to Straight Man Gay Four. I wish I had your comedic touch.

Website-submitted Praise: Feb 17, 2017



Wow, I've been waiting for what seems like forever for Straight Man Gay 3. And what a treat it was. The characters really come to life and reading about their latest adventures gave me real pleasure.

I have to ask though, given the ending, PLEASE tell me there will be a 4th instalment?!

Amazon Review: It’s worth the wait :), Jan 23, 2017



I love the Mallory clan.

Amazon Review: I recently discovered this series, and read the 3 books within a week! ❤ ❤ ❤ , Jan 21, 2017



A great new find!

Amazon UK Review: Five Stars: May 28, 2017


Eileen Thompson


Loved this book ....... funny, sad & emotional. A breath of fresh air the Straight Man Gay 1, 2 & 3 books

Amazon UK Review: Enjoyable Read!!: June 15, 2017




I'm not an expert on gay novella but I can say that's a I truly enjoyed this book. It's fun, light and well written. It's an easy read with wit and laughter a plenty.

Amazon UK Review: Five Stars: June 5, 2017


Eileen Thompson


Loved this book ....... funny, sad. Hope the author does a Book 4.

Website-posted Review: July 19, 2017


Conner Chouchet

Just about a year ago, I pondered things I’d not pondered before. One of those things I pondered was “Are there books with male-male relationships, story lines and good plots?”


Thus, my search began. I had a subscription to SCRIBD.COM, which I used to begin my search. I found several and they all looked about the same. The blurbs were the same. “Jock finds out more about himself than he thought,” kind of story.


Then, upon my search, I found a book that caught my attention. It had a drawn cover, bright and attractive colors, and the title, Straight Man Gay, caught my attention. Since I was getting the book under my subscription, I figured I’d give it a read.

I have never been happier to have made an impromptu decision. Danny Culpepper, the author of this amazing series, is fun, he’s creative, and he is one of the best authors I have read. He took me a day or two to figure out slang that was used in London, England, but past that, I loved this book!


Straight Man Gay One introduced me to characters I loved and others I hated. To begin, Brian Mallory is an amazing man. I cannot even begin to both dream about him being my mate, but being like him as a mate and a friend to others. His patience doesn’t seem to have a boundary and when he loves—it is unconditional. He is understanding and accepting, contrary to his reputation as a multi-millionaire man-about-town. He hails from Scotland and is a self-made man. All the women want him, and all the men want to be him. It is like he has the Midas touch in business and pleasure.


In comes a potential disruption in a small gay actor of some acclaim: John Kaiser. He is currently working in the third year of a series that is set in London, but has an American detective. John is American. He is quirky, handsome, and charming. His very best friends are interesting to find a descriptive term.


Prissy is the smallest and spunkiest of all the “nincompoops”. He loves the color pink, wears a pink bow in his bright yellow hair, and does what he wants, even if the want is stripping to nothing.


Ben is a ginger who is also gay. He is one step up from Prissy in gaydom. He is loving and kind, slight of build but would jump in front of anyone to protect him.


Jeff is closer to John in behavior, though he is also small in build.  He is particular about air quality, and as a voice actor, it is understood and expected.


These three men are balanced by Martin. The straight man in their crew of friends. He is the voice of reason and pretty much their big brother. He keeps them in line and says the things that need to be saying but nobody else will say.


As the stories progress, there is angst, horrible events, funny situations, literal pain and fear, and you begin to see the pasts of each of the characters and what made them the men that they are today.


Of course, there’s a woman. What good would a story with a straight man be if there wasn’t some conniving bitch out there just waiting with her claws out—Carol Lexington is that she-witch. You'll meet her soon enough. But like the rest, her past dictates her present. You'll see!


I couldn’t put this book down. I read it in two days, even though it is over 400 pages in length.


Straight Man Gay Two and Three continue the story. Like any good author with a good story, books one, two, and three all leave you wondering what is happening to John or Brian. And it’s always there, in the back of your mind.


After an initial invitation into the lives of actors, millionaires, and their friends, we get to the story quickly. Bad boyfriends, drunkards, and unrequited love all complicate the peaceful lives of Brian and John.


John’s friends manage to insinuate themselves into Brian’s life and he welcomes them with open arms. Why? Because he loves John—unconditionally, and has considered Prissy, Ben, Jeff, and Martin as extensions of John, therefore, loved at some level, too.


Everything Brian does is to make John happy. Oh, what a lovely way to live! He is happiest when he knows John is happy.


The most interesting thing about the story is how little Brian thinks of appearance. He could not care less about someone’s face, their clothing, their height or weight. He has hypersensitive olfactory senses and that is where his disgust or his love begins.

We learn more of that, Brian’s parents, and family, and satellite characters which all begin to tie the story and backgrounds together seamlessly.

I cannot wait to find a surprise in Straight Man Gay Four when it comes out. I’m excited, Danny Culpepper, to read further into your wonderful loving story of men who are trying to make it in London where they hear more negativity than acceptance. Keep up the amazing work, Danny, and I will keep telling others about your amazing story.

(The following review came as a wonderful surprise. The author of this review, Conner Chouchet (also a writer and blogger!), has written thorough and insightful reviews for several books. Please click on his name below to read his blog and more of his reviews. Kudos to the time he takes to promote other authors and their writing!)

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