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I live 40 minutes outside San Francisco in what is appropriately termed Silicon Valley. When I'm out and about, I see the logos for Apple, Google, and Ebay; although my 8 to 5 job is not with one of the famous technology-based companies this valley is known for. I work for the justice system. It's steady employment because criminals (unlike many high-tech companies) don't appear to be taking their operations overseas any time soon.


I have only recently begun calling myself a writer. The "bug" didn't hit me until 2009 at the age of 46, but it hit in a VERY big way and the result was a 144,000-word novel called Straight Man Gay. Before that, I had done nothing in the field of writing. I can't say I'm a fanatic when it comes to writing. I have no interest in writer’s retreats or critique groups. I've never taken a creative writing course. I've never aspired to become a journalist or a screenwriter, and I didn't join the South Bay California Writers Club until February of 2011. It would take a very big gun in my back to get me to stand up in front of anyone and read aloud from my first book, but I’ve just published my second book, Straight Man Gay Two, and that’s very exciting for me.


I write for the joy of telling a story I think is humorous, positive and believable, and that I hope others will enjoy, too.

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The Castro - August 2012

You will see that I promote the gay community as much as I can. It’s because my story is about gay men and over the last few years I have grown to enjoy the diversity, kindness, and acceptance of the entire LGBT community.

Created by Gilbert Baker in June of 1978, the original Rainbow Flag had eight stripes--two more than the current flag, which does not include pink or turquoise.

AIDS Memorial Grove - August 2012



Congratulations to everyone who is a member of the LGBT community, everyone who is an ally of the LGBT community, and all the proponents of equal rights! On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and issued a separate ruling on Prop 8 that gives same-sex marriages the green light in California!


The above image of San Francisco City Hall, decorated appropriately for San Francisco Pride, was taken by Aaron Baldwin. It’s beautiful and I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted it here.

Patrick McAtee  1-2-1943 to 10-22-2011


My first book is dedicated to this lovely man. My second book is dedicated to his memory.


I first met Patrick at the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center in mid 2010. He not only volunteered in the BDF Lending Library, the Center wouldn’t even have had a lending library if it wasn’t for his stubbornness in insisting they keep the vast array of LGBT books when others wanted to throw them out.


I saw him once a week (at first) as I popped into the Center after work to return and check out more gay romance novels. This wasn’t research on my part; my manuscript was finished. I was just comparing my work to what was already out there, and I was pleased to find I was offering a love story written in a new voice.

Patrick and I became fast, inseparable friends, spending many long dinners discussing world issues and silly nonsense. He took me to a wonderful play, On The Waterfront, and he convinced me to hold a book launch for SMG at Billy DeFrank, although he didn’t live long enough to attend it. He was the first to read the SMG manuscript. Had he not died unexpectedly, he would have been the first to read SMG2.


I wish all of you could have met Patrick. He had the biggest heart and the gentlest demeanor. He championed offering those alone and in need a warm, festive free meal surrounded by others at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He supported BDF, not just at its present location, but at both of its previous locations, too. He tirelessly fought for LGBT rights. He desperately wanted to see DOMA and Prop. 8 struck down. He enjoyed Gay Bingo. He loved books on all subjects (especially cooking and religion) and at the time of his death, owned thousands of them. It was an honor to take ownership of his most cherished book, The Little Prince, when he died, and it felt good to donate bags and bags of his books to the BDF Lending Library in his memory.

I wish I had had more time with him. I wish I would have memorialized his struggles as a young gay man growing up in the South. I listened to all of his stories with rapt attention. I just never thought about jotting anything down--which is ironically stupid because I’m supposed to be a writer.

I will never forget him and I will always miss him.

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