Straight Man Gay Two


How happy can a straight man be living life as a gay man?


Successful multimillionaire Brian Mallory has acquired a fabulous new boyfriend, television star John Kaiser. He’s also acquired an entire “family” of colorful characters that has turned his lonely, monotonous life into one surprising misadventure after another. From a flatulating, one-eyed Chihuahua to a pink-tutu’d elf who can’t keep his clothes on, the extended Mallory household has more than its share of oddness and eccentricities that keep Brian on his toes.


But as Brian and John begin building a future together, can John stop worrying that Brian might leave him for a woman, or for other reasons? Will Brian’s arrogance help him or hinder him as he encounters awkward social situations he’d never experienced as a straight man? And the big question: How will Brian’s business associates, old friends and family handle his new orientation?


Even if both men can overcome their personal obstacles to achieve a long-lasting relationship, will someone (or something) create a tragedy that puts the true meaning of “undying love and devotion” to the ultimate test?


Straight Man Gay Two invites you to once again join Brian and John on their humorous, adventurous and sometimes sad journey of falling in love with the wrong person who turns out to be the right person.

As a writer, it’s my job to give you the richest story I can. I can’t write with blinders on—as if my only task is to tell you a simple tale involving two protagonists. Look around you. Life isn’t a simple journey “just for two” down a one-way street. It twists and turns. It has setbacks and detours and through it all, other people come and go. It’s the twists, turns, setbacks, and people that make this a story worth telling and a story worth reading.

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