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Writing a manuscript is easy compared to the process of publishing and selling a book. Industry buzzwords fill your head to the point of bursting: "Author Platforms," "Blogs," "Target Markets," "Marketing Opportunities," "Marketing Plans," and "Maximum Exposure." By the time I learned the significance of each term, I'd forgotten all about my beloved story and what led me to seek publication in the first place: Because I thought others would really enjoy what I’d written.

This website was created to promote Straight Man Gay, Straight Man Gay Two, and its newly-published sequel, Straight Man Gay Three. “Selling” a novel is the indie author’s worst nightmare. I, like many newbie authors, am not a marketing guru. I know so little about the publishing industry, I feel as if I’m discovering a new technique or method every single day. Some of them work. Some of them fail miserably. One thing I have learned is that potential readers DO NOT want to hear an author scream, “Read my book! It’s so wonderful! It’s so great!” What they want to hear are accolades about a book from their friends and their peers--those whose opinion they trust.

So I created this website and attempted to hunt down all the reviews, comments, and praises that have been posted about my books. Some of them come from online bookstores, others come from my own website’s “Contact Me” page. Most of the words are very positive. A few are not. Yes, those harsh words hurt, but I’ve learned to grow a thick skin.

I hope you will read the reviews and praise. I hope those words will convince you to get the books. And then I hope you will leave some words of your own, here and at your place of purchase--and I hope they aren’t too harsh!

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