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Glossary of Terms and Translations

So, you’d like to know what some of the words mean?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written this concise Straight Man Gay glossary of terms because some text in the book may be confusing or unknown to Americans.

These terms are from the first book, Straight Man Gay

All fruit’s ripe   page 178; Jamaican saying that means everything is perfect, everything is great

Articulated lorry   page 100; a big rig, any truck with the ability to separate it’s cab from its cargo

Arse over tit   page 118; head over heels

Banger   page 102; an old, battered car

Bap   page 26; a large, soft bread roll or bun

Billiard table   page 118; pool table

Bint    page 1; a derogatory slang term used to describe a young woman (similar to slag or tart)

Bird   page 5; girl, woman, girlfriend, lady friend

Bonnet   page 106; car hood

Boot   page 102; car trunk

Boot   page 147; this is a vise-like clamp attached to a car’s front or rear tire when it is illegally parked

Bung   page 1; throw, toss

Car park   page 103; parking garage, parking lot

Carrier bags   page 3; shopping bags

Child minder   page 102; baby sitter

Chuffed   page 67; extremely pleased

Dinner jacket   page 44; tuxedo

Dishy   page 106; very attractive, cute

Estate agent   page 131; realtor, real estate agent

Estate car   page 68; a station wagon

Flat   page 10; as used here, a large apartment or loft-like space, usually with all rooms on one level or slightly tiered with one or two steps

Gearbox   page 105; a car’s transmission

Git   page 2; this wonderful term means fool, idiot, doofus

Hell for leather  page 361; like a bat out of hell, running one’s ass off

Lacquer   page 5; hair spray

Lift   page 74; elevator

Maintenance   page 3; spousal support, alimony

Nappies   page 119; diapers

Nipper   page 101; baby, infant, toddler

Nit   page 38; a louse (plural of “nits” are lice)

Nose to tail   page 99; bumper to bumper

On the pull   page 106; on the make, trying to pick up, trying to score

Penny and the Bun   page 178; as if to say, you can’t have both—it has to be one or the other

Poof   page 361; a gay man, sometimes used offensively, other times (as in this case) used affectionately

Pong   page 9; offensive odor, stench

Quid   page 55; slang for pound note

Punter   page 1; one who “punts” a boat (propels it forward with a long stick; Carol is insinuating the cab driver is nothing more than a lowly servant to her)

Right   page 19; as in “a right bastard” means a real bastard

Slags   page 57; very derogatory term describing undesirable, offensive, and/or promiscuous women

Spare   page 99; as in “you’re driving me spare” means driving me crazy

Tart   page 8; scantily dressed, skanky woman, like a street hooker

Thick   page 46; dense, stupid, mentally lacking, “thick as a plank” of wood, “thick as a brick”

Twonk   page 318; fool, idiot

Wee   page 85; small, little

Whinge   page 5; as in “to whinge on” about something means to whine or complain

Windscreen   page 103; windshield

Wonk   page 100; as in “on the wonk” means broken

Zimmer frame   page 134; an enclosed, lightweight frame, usually with casters, that aids the user in walking

Welsh translations (from Straight Man Gay)

I want to thank the Welsh Language Board for providing the following translations:

Brenin Gwych y Nos   page 170

The Amazing King of Night

Bydda’ i’n aros amdana’ ti am byth, os oes angen, Cariad   page 375

I will wait for you forever, if there is a need to, Love.

Fe ddechreuodd y gwŷr ar faes y gad flino.  page 336

The men on the battlefield grew tired.

Roedd y milwyr yn llwglyd ac yn oer.  Ac roedd nifer ohonynt yn sâl.  page 376

The soldiers were hungry and cold.  Many were sick.

Roeddynt yn gwybod bod rhaid i’r pentref fod gerllaw.  page 376

They knew the village must be near.

French translations (from Straight Man Gay Two)

I want to thank for providing the following translations:

Excusez-moi.  page 44

Excuse me.

Nous avons pensé que vous étiez un home de famille.  page 45

We thought you were a family man.

C’est la même chose!  page 45

Same thing!

Non, ce n’est pas!  page 45

No it’s not!

La colère ne convient pas à votre beau visage.  page 258

Anger doesn’t suit your handsome face.

une grenouille pas cher  page 258

a cheap frog

Amateurs égoïstes!  page 258

Selfish lovers!

Imbéciles ingrates!  page 258

Ungrateful fools!

C’est le destin.  page 258

It’s fate.

Quand j’ai ouvert, l’argent et la gloire sera simplement verser!  page 258

When I open the doors, money and fame will just pour in!

Fabuleux!  page 314

Fabulous! Sir

Nous sommes stigmatisés comme toxique! Personne ne nous touchent maintenant!  page 314

We’re branded as toxic. No one will touch us now!

Oui, monsieur, c’est très mauvais!  page 314

Yes, sir, it’s very bad!

Bonne chance avec votre financement. Au revoir.  page 314

Best of luck with your financing. Goodbye.

Vous avez officiellement vissé le cul de la grenouille pas cher de.  page 322

You have officially screwed the cheap frog’s ass.

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