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What Is Pride And Dignity?


What does “Promoting Pride And Dignity Through Positive Words” mean?

I have found that many diverse cultures, whether they be ethnically diverse, economically diverse, or sexually diverse, do not engage in (or practice using) positive words to express (or define) themselves. They continuously refer to themselves and others in their culture with negative “labels.” These individuals are usually the first to become outraged when those outside their culture use the same “labels.”

It’s Only Okay If I Say It

Example 1: Riding on San Jose, California’s public transportation system I have encountered many African-American kids (both male and female) referring to each other as “N*gger.” It rolls off their tongues as easily as if they were calling each other “buddy” or “dude.” From an outsider’s point of view, this scene would seem to show they don’t mind being called a derogatory ethnic slang. Why then does the African-American community become incensed when those outside their community use the same derogatory word? In my opinion, the slang is demeaning no matter who says it.

Example 2: A co-worker named Debbie once told me she was offended by a “Dumb Blonde” joke told by a mutual friend. I agreed with her. I too, thought the joke was inappropriate. Two days later, Debbie told me a “Dumb Blonde” joke that was just as inappropriate as the previous one. When I pointed out the blatant hypocrisy, she said it was okay for her to tell a “Dumb Blonde” joke because she was blonde. I disagreed then, and I disagree now. An inappropriate joke is an inappropriate joke, no matter who tells it.

Something You Can’t Afford

Diverse cultures that are already being repressed, ridiculed, shamed, shunned, discriminated against and violently tormented cannot afford to treat each other with the same indignities bestowed upon them by ignorant, abusive people. I won’t condone that sort of “acceptable” self-harm and I won’t promote it.

Promote Proud Words And Lead By Example

My goal is to promote those words that cause people to feel proud of who they are, no matter what diversity they possess and to get people to realize they will only receive the respect they deserve from others by giving it to themselves first. This website will only express words, views, thoughts, and opinions that are positive toward the gay community, and I hope those who visit the site are of the same mindset.

Thank you.

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