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What would you do if true love showed up in the wrong package−

and knocked your socks off?


American actor John Kaiser lives in London where he’s found fame as a television celebrity and theatrical star. He unwittingly falls in love with Brian Mallory, a reclusive Scottish millionaire who takes refuge in his London penthouse once a year to conduct business. Brian sees John as a shy, nervous, and clumsy new friend, but John hopes they’ll be much more than just friends—until he learns of a love rival: curvaceous, blonde, and sexy Carol Lexington. He’s devastated when he realizes he can’t compete with this beautiful woman. Or can he? And even if he could win Brian’s love, what other forces would lie in wait to tear them apart?


From the ritzy charity galas of London’s elite to an English countryside manor and a stunning, riverfront luxury penthouse, this love story takes you on a journey of humor, happiness, pain, jealousy, and shocking betrayal. Filled with quirky best friends, catastrophic events, and undying love and devotion, it’s the story of a straight man who falls in love with a gay man who did everything wrong and still got everything right.


Straight Man Gay does what Giovanni’s Room and Brokeback Mountain couldn’t:

It takes the shame out of being gay and in love.

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This is not your typical romance novel, where supporting characters distract rather than contribute to the plot and meaningless text is used to boost the page count. It doesn’t try to sell you unbelievable scenarios and it doesn’t end at the “happily-ever-after” moment, either. This story revolves around two people (who are both a little dysfunctional) and how they come to realize they not only compliment each other, but need each other. Because the outcome of most love stories is known beforehand, it’s the uniqueness of the journey that makes this book worth your time. I know you will enjoy it, and once you’ve read it, you’ll want that journey to continue (which it does in Straight Man Gay Two.)

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